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The greatest portion of my research is the index of composers and their works, which contains over 11,000 entries. Rather than waiting until I have full information for every entry, I have chosen to share everything I have gathered. This is true for every part of this website. It is like a Poloroid photograph developing: it began with a spotty image, and is becoming more and more clear.

Some of the information in the index is in codes, which eliminates having to write out the full titles of books, articles, recordings, and libraries over and over. This feature was very helpful when the index was published book form in 1992, and remains so for my personal use; but I hope to de-code them at some point so that the information is immediately accessible.

Because this is a work-in-progress, information will be added, corrected, revised, and otherwise changed from time to time. I also hope to make improvements in the look and function of this site as time goes on. The possibilities are endless, with a lot of help.

You are welcome to contact me with questions, corrections, suggestions, and additions.
The more specific your questions are, the more I can help.

Latin American choral music is a vast subject, and expanding explosively with the internet. I present this web site humbly, and encourage you to participate in the research if you are interested.