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wdt_ID Surname First Name Position Institution Street Address City State Zip Country Phone Other phone Email Website Note Category
1 0.0000
2 Academia Brasileira de Música Rio de Janeiro Brazil 0.0000 has a library; sells scores, books, catalogs, etc. website
3 Asociación Coral del Uruguay Parroquia San Miguel Garicoits “Los Vascos” Montevideo 11100 Uruguay -271.0000> organization
4 Associação Brasileira de Organistas BRAZIL 0.0000 < people involved in 2021 convention: Dorotéa Kerr, Josinéia Godinho, Marcos Krieger, Kris Rizzoto, Any Raquel Souza de Carvalho (Porto Alegre), Miriam Emerick de Souza Carpinetti (São Paulo), Jeanine Mundstock (Porto Alegre), Eduardo Oliveira (São Paul organization
5 Cayambis Institute for Latin American Studies. P O Box 10164 Blacksburg, VA 24062 0.0000 Affiliated with music publisher Cyambis.
6 Coros de Chile 0.0000 organization
7 Corporación Coral Universitaria de Chile CHILE 0.0000 website has links to larger choirs in CHILE organization
8 Departamento de Música y Sonología Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile CHILE 0.0000 educational institution
9 Federation of the Choirs of Chile (FEDECOR) CHILE 0.0000
10 Instituto per lo studio della Música Latino-Americano (IMLA) Italy 0.0000 center, institute
11 Rincón Musical Peru,ano, El. P.O. Box 665 Vacaville, CA 95696 0.0000 US retailer of music scores for choirs, piano, and guitar from Peru; scores not for sale; runs by voluntary donations via paypal. retailer
12 Sociedad Coral de Profesores de Chile (SOCOPROCH) CHILE 0.0000 organizes festivals of choirs from teacher training colleges copyright, organization
13 Villa-Lobos Estate, contact H. Gandelman Advogados Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL 0.0000 agent: H. Gandelman Advogados copyright, organization
14 Abras Juan Manuel ARGENTINA 0.0000 composer
15 Agostini Quesada Milagros Assoc. Prof. of Voice Kent State University, Tuscarawas Campus New Philadelphia, OH USA 330.0000 interest in Puerto Rican music; Ph.D., Kent State Univ., 1991 scholar, educator
16 Alarcón Victor Director of Choral Activities Catholic University of Chile (Universidad Pontifical de Chile, PUC) Santiago de Chile 0.0000 conductor, composer, educator
17 Alarcon, V., V. Saavedra, M. Cortes, P. Torres. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile 0.0000 conductors, educators
18 Alsuyet Claudio ARGENTINA 0.0000 composer, conductor
19 Alvarado María Adela Andean Foment’s Corporation Schola Cantorum Foundation de Caracas Caracas Venezuela 0.0000 conductor
20 Amado Andrés R. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 0.0000 .
21 Arámbula Avalos Eduardo Director Ars Antiqua de México Guadalajara MEXICO 0.0000 soprano, tenor, and instruments; specializes in Spanish and colonial music conductor, choir
22 Arango Juan Carlos co-director of ensemble Lipzodes Indiana University Latin American Music Center Merrill Hall - MU 117 (Jacobs School of Music) Bloomington, IN 47405 USA 812.0000 oboist, early music specialist conductor, educator
23 Arontes Reyes David Choir of INBA (National Institute of Arts) Mexico DF Mexico 0.0000 conductor, choir, organization
24 Balzanelli Alberto Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 0.0000 composer
25 Basto Carlos Barranquilla Colombia 0.0000 conductor
26 Blanco María Irene Director Conservatorio Nacional de Música Av. Alma Mater Santo Domingo, 10106 REPUBLICA DOMINICA 809.0000 conservatory
27 Borg Paul Lecurer, Latin American Music Center Indiana University Latin American Music Center Bloomington, IN USA 0.0000 past Coordinator for the Latin American Music Center (Indiana University, Bloomington); Prof. Emeritus Illinois State University; interest in colonial Guatemala. scholar, center, educator, pianist
28 Brunelle, and G, Phillip Shoultz III Philip Artistic Director & Associate Conductor Vocal Essence ¡Cantaré! 1900 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis MN 55403 612.0000 program of Minnesota choral society Vocal Essence, promoting Mexican music to schools, churches, and community choruses in MN; has a list of works in their ¡Cantaré! series at the Graphite Marketplace conductor, choir, organization, publisher
29 Budasz Rogerio Prof of Musicology, Department Chair Univ of California at Riverside Riverside, CA USA 951.0000
30 Caicedo Patricia MundoArts 0.0000 Retailer of Iberian and Latin American art songs: music, books, CDs, Gift Cards and merchandise; source for vocal coaching opportunities with Patricia Caicedo. retailer
31 Castillo Electra Conductor Coro Polifónico de Panamá Apartado 0819-07268 Panamá Panamá 0.0000 ; . wide variety of literature; chamber ensemble. conductor, choir
32 Chambi Guzmán Vito Modesto Director Coro Polifónico de la Universidad Técnica de Oruro Oruro BOLIVIA 0.0000 conductor, choir, educator
33 Chávez L. Eduardo Director Contrapunto (mixed quintet, sings popular music) Santa Cruz e la Sierra BOLIVIA 0.0000 conductor, choir
34 Cosentino, deceased Saúl [Alfredo] ARGENTINA 0.0000 composer, performer, recording company owner
35 Cranor Sarah Elizabeth Dir. of Latin American Ensemble Latin American Music Center, Indiana University Merrill Hall - MU 177, Jacobs School of Music Bloomington, IN 47405 USA 812.0000 interest in Baroque music (European & colonial Latin American); doctoral student at IU in 2019. conductor,
36 Dalmasso Verónica Director Capilla de la Compañia de Buenos Aires; Ars Continua; Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 0.0000 Specializes in colonial Latin American music; organist at Iglesias N. Sra. de Balvanera & San Ignacio, Buenos Aires;singer; founded and helped establish many choral groups; presenter at choral and musicological events. conductor, choir, organist
37 Dario Suárez-Arana Mercado Rubén Director Coro y Orquesta Juvenil de Urubichá. Santa Cruz BOLIVIA 0.0000 founded the Festival de Música Barroca y Renacentista Americana “Misiones Chiquitos” with SICOR (Sistema de Coros y Orquestas). orchestra, choir (chidren, youth), conductor
38 Davies Drew Edward Associate Professor of Musicology; Director of Graduate Music Studies Northwestern University Evanston, IL USA 1.0000 >> scholar, educator, publisher
39 Espiresz Sandra Dir. Coro Universidad de São Paulo São Paulo BRAZIL 0.0000 conductor, choir, educator
40 Esteves Laura Youth Choir of San Carlos de Bariloche Bariloche Argentina 0.0000 conductor, choir (children)
41 Etheyo Young Kydalla 0.0000 interest in colonial Peru; Ph. D., 2010, Univ. of Illinois scholar
42 Farah Mariana Director of Choral Activities University of Kansas (Center for Latin American Studies) Kansas City Kansas 0.0000 from Brazil scholar, center, conductor, educator, editor
43 Ferraudi Eduardo Arregladores Argentinos Argentina 0.0000 ,>.
44 Fiorentino Tulio Pablo Founder ADICORA (Argentine Choral Conductors Association) Argentina 0.0000 also Administrator of Musica Coral web service. conductor, organization
45 Fiorentino Tulio Pablo Founder Música Coral 0.0000 Page dedivcated to choral activity. conductor, organization
46 Galimberti Nunes Martinêz BRAZIL 0.0000 or . composer
47 Garavano Alejandro Daniel President International Choir Competition Foundation of Trelew Argentina 0.0000 conductor, organization
48 García Brunelli Omar Coordinación de Investigación Consego Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas and Instituto Nacional de Musicología “Carlos Vega.” México 564 - Piso 1 C1097AAL - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 0.0000> research institution
49 Garrido Gabriel Director Ensemble Elyma Suiza Buenos Aires / Geneva Argentina / Switzerland 0.0000 vocal-instrumental group specializing in early and Baroque music in Italy and Latin American conductor, choir
50 Gavaldão Vilson President ABRC (Brazilian Choral Conductors Association) 0.0000 conductor, organization