Notes on searching

This search will not correct for spelling errors.

Enter your search terms in only one or two fields. If you enter search terms in more than one field, any results you get will have to match what you entered in all of those fields. Be as accurate as possible in your spellings, Do not include any punctuation or quotation marks in your entries. If you get no results, reduce the number of fields in which you search.

Explanation of fields
  • Title: enter the entire title of the recording, or part of the title; or the title, or partial title of the series of recordings.
  • Contents: enter the name of a composer or title of a composition, or partial name or title.
  • Performers: enter the name of a performing ensemble, such as a choir or instrumental ensemble.
  • Conductor: enter the name or partial name of the conductor.
  • Company: you can search this field in several ways: (1) enter the name or partial name of the recording company or organization that produced the album; (2) enter the catalog number; (3) enter the year of its release; (4) enter the country where it was released.
  • Library: to search in the Library field, it is best to enter only the two letters that are the postal code for a state in the United States (ex. AZ for Arizona). Then you can look for the OCLC library abbreviations for the library you want. At this time, it is not possible to find libraries outside the United States.
  • Abbreviation: the abbreviations for the recordings come from the index; you can enter an abbreviation here and find the rest of the information about the recording.

The following fields will appear as part of your search results, but they contain primarily abbreviations, and are not practical for quick searches. As a result, they are not currently included in the search form.

  • Description
  • Information