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wdt_ID Century Nation Dates Composer Title Choir Solos Instruments Text Season Duration Publisher Recording Library Info Opus Info Composer Head Bio Info Style Works Ref_Bio Own
1 20 ARG Infancia, a los Niegan tu nombre, Las madres cuidadores; Los lyrios del campo: choir; Metacanto CD Morrina en Buenos AIres? Lage, Gabriel Alejandro
2 ? ? ? ? O vos omnes: mixed ac; 3:12 ASRM. ?
3 18 Portugal 1759-1833 Xula carioca: choir; Port; 3:09; MDBAC [lib CA-Stanford]; MEBAC; TBMEB; 180 1; possibly anon comp.
4 20 - -21 ARG b 1949 SATB ac mixed; 2:55; ; 1992; comp Ariel Ramírez - Félix Luna. Nacimiento, El:
5 20 ARG fl ca 1939-2000 Abalos, Hnos. Nostalgias santiagueñas: arr choir; comp; secular; 4:00 - 4:06; GCCFP; MFA; zamba; arr Eduardo Ferraudi. Ábalos, Hnos, fl ca 1939-2000, ARG: member of folk music vocal/instrumental group Los Hermanos Ábalos. own CD
6 20 ARG b 1922 Abalos, Victor Manuel, “Vitillo” Ábalos, Victor Manuel “Vitillo,” b 1922, ARG: one of the folk group Los Hermanos Abalos. ref: .
7 20 PERU 1923-2017 Abanto Morales, Luis Quiéreme: arr SATB mixed; secular; RMPeru; arr Francisco Bernardo Pulgar-Vidal. Abanto Morales, Luis, 1923-2017, PERU: singer; b Trujillo; lives in Lima; popular songs.
8 20 PERU b 1923 Abanto Morales, Luis Temas peruanos: arr SATB mixed; secular; arr Ramiro Soriano Arce.
9 19 - 20 VEN 1870-1938 Abarca, Angel Maria Abarca, Angel María, 1870-1938, VEN: publisher PDECP. own (pf ops at IN-IUG.)
10 19 - 20 Italy, GUA, ELS 1846-1930 Aberle, Juan Salvadoran National Anthem. Aberle, Juan, b 19C, Italy, GUA, ELS: cond; b Naples,Italy; d San Salvador, ElS; lived in GUA, then ElS; founded and directed a cons in ElS; opera, chamber; bio: DMA, LACC, MLA.
11 20 - 21 BRZ b 1949 Abrao, Sandra Abrão, Sandra, b 1949, BRZ: pianist piano.
12 20 - 21 ARG b 1975 Abras, Juan Manuel In Purgatorium (De profundis): 4 parts; ensemble (perc; str orch). Latin; sacred; Abras, Juan Manuel, b 1975, ARG: orchestra conductor; ref: ;>.
13 20 - 21 ARG b 1975 Abras, Juan Manuel Mundame (Miserere): 4 parts; Psalm 50 (Latin); sacred.
14 20 - 21 ARG b 1975 Abras, Juan Manuel Pentecostés (Veni Sancte Spiritus): 4 parts; elec tape;; Latin; sacred. Penetecost, sacred;
15 20 - 21 ARG b 1975 Abras, Juan Manuel Pésame (Actus contritionis): 4 parts; narr; ensemble (perc, piano, elec tape; cb). Latin; sacred;
16 20 - 21 BRZ b 1948 Abreu (Rebello), Sergio Abreu (Rebello), Sérgio, b 1948, BRZ: guitarist; brother of Eduardo, and grandson of Antonio Rebello; bio: BB2001, LACC.
17 20 BRZ b 1949 Abreu, Eduardo Abreu, Eduardo, b 1948, BRZ: guitarist; brother of Sérgio, and grandson of Antonio Rebello; bio: LACC.
18 20 - 21 VEN 1939-2018 Abreu, Jose Antonio Madrigal: SATB mixed; Enrique Planchart; secular; 6p; anth MCC.MCV6, p17; FSCC; movable C clefs for SAT. Abreu, José Antonio, 1939-2008, VEN: conductor, organist, harpsichordist; educated in Valera, then Caracas; teacher V.E. Sojo; founded El Sistema for choirs and orchestras, all over Venezuela, serves about 500,000 youth in 2018, emphasizes classical music; taught economics; Minister of Cultu bio: BB, CTA14, LACC.
19 20 - 21 VEN 1939-2018 Abreu, Jose Antonio Sol que das vida a los trigos: SATB mixed; Manuel Felipe Rugeles; secular; 2p; FSSC; UDOCM.
20 20 - 21 VEN 1939-2018 Abreu, Jose Antonio Tríptco: SATB mixed; Collegium Musicum de VEN, lib IN-IUG.
21 20 CUBA, USA b ca 1960 Abril, Carlos Mambí, El: arr SAB; solo; ensemble (flute perc, piano);; Servio Lavilla; secular; 10p; WLP #VTS39, Eng translation, program notes, pronunciation guide; criolla, comp Luis Casas Romero & Sergio Lavilla. Abril, Carlos, b ca 1960, CUBA, USA: educator; b ca 1960; musical family; fled Castro; kept Hispanic culture. score
22 20 CUBA, USA b ca 1960 Abril, Carlos Ogguere: arr Unison ensemble (fl or recorder, piano, opt Orff instr);; WLP #VTS40, Englaish translation, program notes, pronunciation guide; comp Gilberto Valdés; Afro-Cuban cradle song (cancion de cuna or nana); celebrates birth of Yoruba prince’s son; most Cuban slaves were Yoruba. score
23 20 CUBA, USA b ca 1960 Abril, Carlos Uno, dos y tres: arr 2 parts; solo; ensemble (flute, perc, piano);; secular; 10p; WMP VTS#45; alternate title: ‘a lively cuban conga,’ comp Rafael Ortiz.
24 20 - 21 BRZ? 1939-2011 Acacio Santana, Jose Eu quero apenas: arr choir; Port; . Acácio Santana, José, 1939-2011, BRZ? b São Pedro de Alcântara; Santa Catarina; educator, poet, conductor Coral de Univ Federal de Santa Catarina; teachers F. Franceschini, Rodrigo Hermann, José Penalva and Joanídia Sodré; also studied in Cologne; played in Lutheran, Episcopal and Method prolific composer of anthems, children’s songs, oratorio, opera.
25 19 - 20 CHI 1896-1951 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Jr.] Bernardo O’Higgins: choir; orch;; secular; 1950 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Jr.], 1896-1951, CHI: educator; b 2 Apr, d 5 Jun, Santiago; educated at Conservatorio Nacional; Nationallistic; bio: DMEH.
26 19 - 20 CHI 1896-1951 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Jr.] Meciendo: choir; orch;; 1945
27 19 - 20 CHI 1896-1951 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Jr.] Nguillatún: choir; orch;; 1924
28 19 - 20 CHI 1896-1951 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Jr.] Thamar: choir; orch.
29 19 - 20 CHI 1863-1911 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Sr.] Salve Regina: choir. Latin; sacred. Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Sr.], 1863-1911, CHI. or Adevedo; organist, conductor; d 29 May; educated at Conservatorio Nacional de Chile and in Milan, IT, age 39; organist at churches in Santiago; works: sacred choral, orch, organ, opera; piano work Minueto [op30] publisher Casa Amarilla, Santiago,1930, Series: Ediciones primavera; bio: DMEH, HMC, LACC, MMLA.
30 19 - 20 CHI 1863-1911 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Sr.] Tantum ergo: choir; Latin; sacred;
31 19 - 20 CHI 1863-1911 Acevedo Guajardo, Remigio [Sr.] Te Deum: choir; Latin; sacred;
32 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Arrullo: 3 parts ac; anth Ac.AMG, p35; 1981 Acevedo [Vargas], Jorge Luis, b 1943, CR: b 24 Aug, San José; educated at Univ de CR, and France (Escola Normal Paris, ethnomusicology at Sorbonne) and choral cond at Univ Católica; Pror at Univ of CR; works: opera, orch, chamber, choir, voice; bio: DMEH, FCC.MC.
33 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Cachito, El: 3 parts; piano;; secular; anth Ac.AMG, p26; 1981
34 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Callejera: 2 parts ac; anth Ac.AMG, p37; 1981
35 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Campesino: SATB mixed; piano;; secular; anth Ac.AMG, p29.
36 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Canto Indio 2-4-5: SATB mixed; secular; 6p; np.
37 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Canto Indio: 2 parts ac; secular; anth Ac.AMG, p32.
38 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Conejo: 2 parts ac; anth Ac.AMG, p48.
39 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Indio: SATB mixed; piano;; anth Ac.AMG.
40 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Indios promesanos: 4 parts ac; secular; anth Ac.AMG, p38.
41 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Patriótica costarricense: SATB mixed; secular; np.
42 20 - 21 CR b 1943 Acevedo, Jorge L. Retahilas: 3 parts; piano;; anth Ac.AMG, p26; 1981
43 20 - 21 COL Acevedo, Nelson Aguinaldo criollo (Espléndida luna): arr SATB mixed; Nestor Acevedo; 4:00, 11p; CoroElec (ed. Pedro Nuñez Merchán, p 33-43; anth Coral la Electricidad de Caracas); harmonization Gilberto Rebolledo; jazz, secular, rather difficult, pluritonal. Acevedo, Nelson: 1897-, COL: pianist, educator; 20 / 21C, Bogotá; studied under Santos Cifuentes and María Cifuentes at Beethoven Academy, Bogotá; then Eliseo Hernández and Honorio Alarcón, harmony with Guillermo Uribe Holguín; moved to Barcelona, 1931; studied at Marshall Aca piano and sacred; bio: LACC, MMLA.
44 19 - 20 COL b 1897 Acosta de Baron, Josefina Romanza de la fuente (Fuentecilla gentil): 3 equal parts; secular; ms Centro de Documentación Coral Rodolfo Perez Gonzalez, Medellín, COL. Acosta de Barón, Josefina, b 1897, COL: educated in Colombia, and Barcelona, Spain; piano and chorus.
45 20 VEN 1899-1957 Acosta Gadea, Cecilio Sueño de Acibar, zarzuela. Acosta Gadea, Cecílio, 1899-1957, VEN: pianist, writer; b Caracas; established daily newspaper El Cuidadano; works for piano, zarzuela, voice.
46 20 - 21 PERU 1930-2015 Acosta Ojeda, Manuel Acosta Ojeda, Manuel, 1930-2015, PERU: singer costeños y andinos; writer; founder/president (in 2004) of SAYCOPE (Sindicato de Autores y Compositores del Perú).
47 20 - 21 COL b 1970 Acosta Restrepo, Rodolfo Missa brevis: chamber choir; organ, bell;; Latin? sacred; 1995; premiere at Sta. Bibiana Church, July 1995, Bogotá, COL. Acosta Restrepo, Rodolfo, b 1970, COL. b 2 Nov, Bogotá; graduate of Univ de Los Andes, 1995; also educated in USA, France, Netherlands, and MEX; has won national composition prizes; has taught at several universities in COL; has lived also in USA, Honduras, and Haitiin Bogotá 2003; see Direc ref: ; ; ref: ref: ; see Directory.
48 20 - 21 COL b 1970 Acosta Restrepo, Rodolfo Requiescat in pace: SATB ac; Liturgy (Latin); funeral, sacred; 3p; MinCultCOL, 2001. dedicated to Raoul Bleir; commissioned by J. C. Rivas; premiere at Los Libertadores Church, June 1993, Bogotá, COL; prem at Colón Theater, Oct 1997, Bogotá, COL.
49 20 ARG 1902-1956 Acosta Villafane, Manuel Cesar Borrachito, El: arr SATB mixed; 4p; Coeur de Joie France, #ACJ 3000; ballecito; arr Jean-Michel Cayre. Acosta Villafañe, Manuel César, 1902-1956, ARG: b Catamarca; folklorist; brother of Carlos Quintino.
50 20 ARG 1902-1956 Acosta Villafane, Manuel Cesar Vidala del culampajá: arr SATB ac mixed; comp; secular; 2:50, 2p; Mansilla, diff 2 of 5, B of E; R.J. Mansilla; baguala; folk song; 1983; ‘calm;’ D minor; arr Ricardo Javier Mansilla.