Latin American Choral Music


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Music Publishers

wdt_ID Abbreviation Company Retail contact Street City State Nation Phone Fax Email Website Distributes Distributed by Info Personal
1 Swedish Concert Institute and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala Dr. Igor de Gandarias, Dir. Music Dept GUATEMALA active 1999
2 Música Contemporánea Guatemala GUATEMALA Series published by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, Dirección de Arte y Cultura.
3 Cantoría de Tomás Pascual (early music ensemble) GUATEMALA
4 CM Ediciones Musicales S.L. C/Viuda de Epaiza, 3 Trasera 48005 Bilbao, Bizkala SPAIN 34-94-415-45-89 Established 1899, especially to publish the music of 20th century Basque composers.
5 Cole Ção Shin Nippaku BRAZIL active 1960
6 Museo Carlos Gomes (Centro de Ciências, Letras e Artes [CCLA]) Rua Bernardino de Campos, 989, Centro Campinas, SP 13.010-151 BRAZIL 55-19-3231-2567
7 Archivo Capitular Catedral de Bogotá - Presidencia de la República de Colombia Bogotá COLOMBIA
8 SEEMSA Grupo Editorial (Sociedad Española de Ediciones Musicales), S.A. Alcalá, 70 - 28009 Madrid SPAIN Before 1970 published a piece by Electo Silva; published book “Musica de Cuba” in 2000. Publishes scores and CDs.
9 Excelsior New York New York, United States Published Cuban Art music.
10 Ciudad de México DDF Mexico City MEXICO active 1991.
11 Editorial Ciencia y Cultura Latinoamerica MEXICO
12 Asociación Colombiana de Editoras de Música, ACODEM Gen. Dir. Jeannette Albarrain Carrera 15 A, No. 121-12, Oficina 401 Bogotá COLOMBIA 57-1-619-59-31/42 Affiliated by ICMP (international group of music publishers).
13 Mauad Editora Ltda./Faperj Rio de Janeiro Brazil
14 Editorial Letras Cubanas ARTEX + 5ta Avenida, 9210 esquina 94, Miramar, Playa Havana CP-10200 Cuba -5159>
15 CIDMUC Ediciones (Centro de Investigagión y Desarrollo de la Música Cubana Calle G no.505 / 21 y 23 CUBA? Active in 2000.
16 Tipografía Musica Acosta. owner Pedro Acosta CUBA 20th century; music found for solo voice & piano.
17 Molina y cia Havana CUBA Active in 1930s and 1940s.
18 List of publishers/members: Edições Musicais Adriana do Brasil Ltda.; Editora Musical Arapuã Ltda.; Editora Arthur Napoleão Ltda.; Ata Edições Musicais Ltda.; Editora Augusta Ltda.; Editora Musical; Carlos Gomes Ltda.; Editora Musical Drink Ltda.; E
19 free scores online.
20 SIC México, Fondos Editoriales SIC=Sistema de Información Cultural, a government agency.
21 Graphite Publishing Big Lake Minnesota VocalEssence
22 Editions Metropolitaines
24 Europrint Editions BELGIUM
25 Neuman Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
Abbreviation Company City State Nation Distributes Distributed by Info