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wdt_ID Editor Title Series Publisher Date Description Contents Information Libraries Abbreviation
515 Caracas: Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo, 2005 Secular music for mixed chorus and men’s chorus; ncludes short biographies of composers; bib; XVII, 188p.. Music composed by members of the music nationalist Escuela de Santa Capilla from its inception to the early 20th century; 188 p; corresponding CD available. CA-STF; MA-HMU; NC-NDD; NY-NYP; WI-GZM. not in index
519 Acervo Musical do Cabido Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro. Produções Artísticas; DVD Rom Facsimiles & printings of scores of sacred music performed at the Royal Chapel in 19th century Rio de Janeiro. Includes, among many others, works for Holy Week, such as: José Mauricio de Nunes Garcia: Te Deum; Miserere. José Joaquim dos Santos (Portugal): Matinas de Quinta-feira Santa. Sponsored by Programa Petrobras Cultural. The website has a large number of photographs and images of 149 scores by 29 composers, organized into 2 catalogs. The composers are from Brazil & Europe.
520 Arranjos Corais de Música Folclórica Brasileiro. BRZ: FUNARTE, 1970s-’80s. As of 2022, no known copies exist. Some pieces were published afterward and available as free downloads. 1. Anda à roda (Sérgio Oliveira de Vasconcellos Corrêa); 2. Canoa em dois tempos (Kilza Setti); 3. Carimbó (Ernst Mahle); 4. Chula da cachaça (Marcelo Homem de Mello); 5. Dai-me licença (Sérgio Oliveira de Vasconcellos Corrêa); 6. De pastoris e reisados (Mirian Pitta); 7. De um cego (Henrique Korenchendler); 8. Ema-sariema (Emmanuel Coelho Maciel); 9. Escondumba-a-rê (Antônio Vaz); 10. Forrobodó da saparia (Lindembergue Cardoso); 11. Moreninha, se eu te pedisse... (Henrique Korenchendler); 12. Nigue ninhas (Domênico Barbieri); 13. Ó mana deix’eu ir (David Machado); 14. Pega no balão (David Machado); 15. Que casa é essa? (Antônio Vaz); 16. Saia de babado (Antônio Vaz); 17. Sambalelê (David Machado); 18. Suíte nordestina (Ronaldo Miranda); e 19. Vamo vadiá (José Alberto Kaplan). Contact: .
521 Calchakis en Choeur, Los. ACJ France #530081, 2018. Ariel Breitembruch, Ariel, arr Iris Thion-Poncet: Blanca palomita, SATB ac, 4p;
522 Ceanteme: versiones corales. Colección a capella. Habana, Cuba: Atril Ediciones [2002]. Composers: Silvio Rodríguez, Alina Orraca, Beatriz Corona, Liliana Cangiano, and Remé Baños.
523 Códice Fray Gregorio de Zuola (1645?-1709). Sixteen songs that originated as voices of polyphonic pieces in Spain. They were passed around Spain and the colonies in oral tradition, and transcribed by Fray Zuola in the 17th century. Zuola was a priest working near Cuzco, who wrote down 17 part-songs that had been circulating in an oral tradition. To 16 of them he set lyrics of secular Spanish poetry of high quality. For the 17th he used a version of the Latin Credo. He only named the composer of two pieces: Tomás de Herrera, and Manuel Correa. It contained about 500 pages. The Codice was rediscovered in a Buenos Aires library about 200 years later, and the music has been reconstructed by numerous scholars. Contents include titles: Cachua a Duo y a quatro con violines y bajo al nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Señor. Cachua a voz y bajo al nacimiento de Christo nuestro señor. Tonada El Congo a voz y vajo para baylar cantando. Tonada de el Chimo a dos voces, bajo y tamboril, para baylar cantando. Tonada La Lata a voz y bajo, para baylar cantando. Tonada El Diamante para baylar cantando de Chachapoias. Tonada El Huicho de Chachapoias. Cachua Serranita, nombrada El Huicho nuevo, que cantaron, y baylaron 8 pallas del Pueblo de Otusco a Nuestra Señora del Carmen, de la ciudad de Trujillo. Cachuita de la montaña llamadase el buen querer. Zuola was a monk. found in Cuzco and taken to Buenos Aires by Ricardo Rojas in the century
524 Europa Cantat 15. Héctor Stamponi, arr Emilio A. Dublanc: El ultimo café, SATB ac, 5p. 136 p.
525 Europa Cantat 17. Annie Bank Edition, 2009. Peteco Carabajal, arr Martín Palmeri: Te’i v uelto a ver, SATB ac. Albert Hernández: Goza mi calipso, SATB, opt. guitar or piano. 144p. EC17
526 Europa Cantat 18 Feniarco composer Felipe Boero, et al.
527 [Lamas, José Angel.] Partituras: para piano. Caracas: Ediciones del Congreso de la República, 1975 Sacred music for mixed choir in Latin, with piano accompaniment (originally with orchestra). J.A. Lamas: Popule meus, soprano soloist and SAT choir; Salve Regina, soprano and alto soloists and SAT choir; O María, offertorio, soprano solo and SATB choir. 50p.
528 Libro de coro, Archivo Catedral de Purbla; Convento del Carmen Villa Obregón, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Mexico City, Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, Branch Microfilm Laboratory, Bibliotecca Benjamin Franklin, 1949-1950 (3 reels, 35mm). 1949-1950. Microfilm of twelve choirbooks of sixteenth and seventeenth century sacred music sung in Latin, for unaccompanied vocal ensembles. DC-DLC; IL-CGU; LA-LUU; MN-MNU; SC-SUC; TX-IXA. Spain-BNM. LibroCoro
529 Madrigales y canciónes corales [VI]. Músicos contemporáneos de Venezuela, v6. Caracas: Dirección de Cultura, Univ Central de VEN, 1967. Originally published as Madrigales y canciónes corales de autores venozolanos (Caracas: Editado por el Ministerio de Educacion, 1964). AZ-AZS, AZU; CA-CFI, CFS, CLA, CSA, CSH, CSJ, CUI, HDC; FL-FDA, FMM; KY-KLG; LA-LRU; MI-EEM, EXW, EYW; NE-LDL; NY-COO, YSM, ZIH; OH-CWR; TN-TKN; TX-ILU, [M1547.M15] IXA; UT-UUM; WA-WAU. VenMCC6 = MCV6
530 Madrigales y canciónes corales de autores venezolanos, 2: José Angel Lamas. Músicos contemporáneos de Venezuela, v2. Caracas: [Gomez, for ] Institución José Angel Lamas, 1956 Twelve short secular works for unaccompanied SATB choir. J.A. Lamas: Cogeremos flores; Cancioncilla sevillana; Evohe; Arco iris; El mar inquieto; Al alba; Cara bonita; Despertar; Todo el dia fue nuestro; Mariposa de invierno; Alla va un encobijado; Galeron. 58p. IN-IUG, IUL; TX-IXA. VenMCC2 = VenMCV2
531 ?? Malograda fuentecilla (Twelve Colonial Songs of the 17th Century). transcribed by J. T. Wilkes. DC-DCU.
532 Morning Sing: WSCM 8 Copenhagen 2008. Carus-Verlag Stuttgart, 2008 2008 Publication for Eighth World Symposium for Choral Music, International Federation for Choral Music convention in Copenhagen, 2008. Richard Egües, arr Conrado Monier: El Bodeguero, SATB, 6p. Arsenio Rodriguez, arr Conrado Monier and Electo Silva: Sun, sun, paloma, SATB, 3p. Etc. 106p. WSCM8
533 Mujeres en la música: obras para piano, obras corales, música boliviana. Colección Compositores bolivianos, libro 12. Madrid: Editorial Música Mundana Maqueda: 1999; Bolivian folk and popular music by women composers; includes biographical information about composers. Siete miniaturas bolivianas : para piano ; Ronda de Paz : para coro y grupo instrumental / Teresa Laredo -- Juana Azurduy : para solistas y coro de voces mixtas / Lola Sierra de Méndez -- Himno a Bermejo ; Canto peregrino a la Virgen de Choquaya / Dolly Villena de Borda -- Himno panamericano / Asunta Limpias de Parada -- Verano ; Flor moradita ; 15 de Abril ; Amancaya / Lilia Trigo de Calbimonte -- 9 de Diciembre : vals; Pachío : vals / Julia Barbery Ibañez de Molina Mostajo -- Recuerdo de los Andes : mazurka ; La brisa del Uchumachi : polca-mazurka de salon ; El alto de la alianza : mazurka / Modesta Sanginés de Uriarte -- Huayño quichua ; Danza Guerrera India ; La cacharpaya : cueca ; Mecapaqueña : danza aymara de La Paz / Augusta Justiniano de Gil. 95p. MM.Bol not in index
534 Música brasileira para coro juvenil.Música brasileira para coro juvenil. FUNARTE 12 works by Brazilian composers for 3-4 voices a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment, with texts in the public domain, with inspriations from northeastern Brazil. Jazz, pop, and funk styles can be included. Some use body percussion or stage elements. The music was performed and recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Partial list of composers: Caio Senna, Fernando Ariani, and Paulo Malaguti.
535 Música Nova do Brasil para Coro s Capela. BRZ: FUNARTE, 1970s-’80s. As of 2022, no known copies exist. Some pieces were published afterward and available as free downloads. 1. Arca de Noé (Ernst Mahle - Vinícius de Moraes); 2. Aleluia (Bruno Kiefer - Lara de Lemos); 3. Ave-Maria (Claudio Santoro); 4. Belo Belo (Brenno Blauth - Manuel Bandeira); 5. Belo belo (Ronaldo Miranda – Manuel Bandeira); 6. Canção de Barco (Ricardo Tacuchian - Mário Quintana); 7. Canção da primavera (Murillo Santos - Mário Quintana); 8. Canto/ciranda (ao) Chão (Aylton Escobar - Ilka Laurito); 9. Chormaphoneticos Op. 58 (Lindembergue Cardoso); 10. Com som sem som (Gilberto Mendes - Augusto de Campos); 11. Cussaruim em dois tempos (José Vieira Brandão - Manuel Bandeira); 12. Em tempo de terra e de boi (Henrique de Curitiba - Carlos Drummond); 13. Invocação litúrgica (Jaime Cavalcanti Diniz); 14. Na rebancêra do má (Sérgio de O. de Vasconcellos Corrêa); 15. O morcego (Nestor Cavalcanti - Augusto dos Anjos); 16. Os sinos (Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca - Manuel Bandeira); 17. O vento no canavial (Ernst Widmer - João Cabral de Melo Neto); 18. Passos da paixão (Willy Corrêa de Oliveira - Affonso Ávila); 19. Peça coral n. 1-M.30 (Emílio Terraza - Haroldo de Campos); 20. Poema (Mário Ficarelli - Gonçalves Dias); 21. Rezação (Reginaldo Carvalho); 22. Rola mundo (Fernando Cerqueira - Carlos Drummond); 23. Rosa rosae (Raul do Valle - Carlos Drummond); 24. Segredo (José Penalva - Carlos Drummond); 25. Topologia do medo (Cirlei de Hollanda - Haroldo de Campos); e 26. Três cânticos de amor (Almeida Prado). Contact: .
536 Peças para coro, Concurso de Corais do Rio de Janeiro 1978. Sistrum, Journal do Brasil/INM FUNARTE. 1978 Four pieces for various types of choirs. Jorge Antunes: Plumbea spes, children’s choir. Fernando Cerqueira, Haikai, equal voices. Brenno Blauth: Manhã do amanhã, youth mixed voices. Murilo Santos: Alleluia, adult mixed voices.
537 Schola cantorum. Suplemento musical. Morelia, MEX: Organ music and sacred choral music, published as a supplement to a professional journal.
538 Acevedo Vargas, Jorge Luis, compiler. Antología de la Música Guanacasteca. Costa Rica: Univ de CR, 1981 Includes choral arrangements, song for voice and piano, and unaccompanied song melodies with texts. Arr by Jorge Luis Acevedo V., Víctor Vargas V., Marco Dusi, and S. Eisenstein, p23-50. Jorge Adevado Vargas: Indio; Retahilas; Campesino; Canto indio. Anonymous, arr Marco Dusi: Indio enamorado. Anonymous, transc. and arr S. Eisenstein: Arrullo. Anonymous, arr Jorge Acevedo V.: Callejera; Indios promesanos. Jesús Bonilla, arr Jorge Acevedo V. and Víctor Vargas V.: Aquel arroyito. Anonymous, arr J. Acevedo V.: El conejo. 140p; score online . Ac.AMG
539 Aceves, Raúl, Francisco Belgodere, ed. México virreinal: arias para voz y piano. Guadalajara: Universidad de Guadalajara, 2002. Electronic reproduction by HathiTrust Digital Library, 2010. Digital master by Digital Library Federation, 2002. Print and downloadable score; 18th century sacted vocal music in Spanish or Latin, from Mexico, with piano accompaniment; Zumaya [Sumaya]: Alegres luces del día; El de Pedro solamente; Como aunque culpa; Oh muro más que humano; Oy subre arrebatada; Ya la natureleza redimida; Como glorias el fuego; Sí a aquella nave. Vicente Ortiz de Zárate: Quae est ista. Anónimo: Aria a San Pedro apóstol. 84p. CA-CUS, STF; MI: HathiTrust; NM-IRU; PA-PAU; TX-IXA, RCE. Mexico: Univ de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas (Tuxtla Gutierrez). Ac.MVAV
540 ACORDELUR. Obras corales premidas por ACORDELUR (Asociación Coral del Uruguay. Serie Cuadernos de repertorio. Buenos Aires: GCC #SE 9904, 2012 Four arrangements and original compositions for unaccompanied mixed chorus and children’s chorus; 28p. The music received prizes from the ACORDELUR organization. First prize for arrangement for 4 voices or more: Aníbal d Sampayo: Cielo en flor, litoraleña, SATB ac, text of composer. Second prize: Diego Céspedes, Piropo, SMATB, soloist, & silbador (whistler), music and text of Jaime Roos. Prize for choral arrangement for SAB: Pablo Beovide: Aprepárate, SAB ac, candombe by composer Rubén Rada and lyracist Ricardo Nolé. Prize for choral arrangement for SAB: Caramen Corrales: Tambor, tambora, SAB ac, camdombe by Jorginho Gularte (composer and lyracist). GCC.ACORDELUR - not entered into index
541 Adicora (Asociación de Directores de Coro de la Argentina). Obras corales premiadas. Serie Cuadernos de repertorio. GCC #SE 9903, 2012 Eighteen arrangements and original works foe mixed voices or children’s choirs that received prizes in Adicora competitions held between 2004 and 2010; 96p. For children’s choirs. Juan Bernardo Latini, Coplitas de la montaña, aire de huayno, 3 voices a cappella. Fedrico Meimark, Cinco modos de enseñar modales entre modos y animales, 2 voices, piano. Maria Paula Gómez, Umautun peñen, canción de cuna, 2 voices, guitar. J. B. Latini, La sacha pera, chacarera doble, 2 voices, guitar. For mixed choir. Roberto Goldar, Tu huella que me enamora, huella, SAB ac. Fernando Polonuer, Volver, tango, SAB ac. Juan Pablo Vercesi, Nocturno I, SATB ac. Camilo Matta, Vidala con relaciones, SATB, caja, bombo. Marcelo Valva, Coplerío de ausencia, SATB div ac. R. Goldar, De silencios, triunfo, SMATBrB. Edgar Moya Godoy. Linde espiral, SSAATTBB ac. Rolando Budini, La arenosa, cueca nortena, SATB ac. Santiago Búcar, Si llega a ser tucumana, zamba, SATB ac. Alicia Ferrari, Ojos negros, tango, SATB ac. AdicoraOCP
542 ADICORA. Obras corales premidas por ADICORA (Asociación de Directores de Coro de la República Argentina. Serie Cuadernos de repertorio. Buenos Aires: GCC #SE 9903, 2012 Eighteen arrangements and original compositions for unaccompanied mixed chorus and children’s chorus; 96p. The music won prizes from ADICORA Parte A/Obras para coro de niños. Juan Bernardo Latini: Coplitas de la montaña, aire de huayno, 3 children’s voices ac; La sacha pera, 2 children’s voices, guitar, chacarera doble. Federico Neimark: Cindo modos de enseñar modales entre modos y animales (1. “Caracola;” “2. Dos venaditos;” 3. “El zorzal y el pavo real 15;” 4.“La lubélula 17;” 5.”Venadito de los montes.”), 2 children’s voices ac. María Paula Gómez: Umautun peñen - Duémase mi niño, 2 children’s voices, guitar, canción de cuna. Parte B/Obras para coro mixto a tres voces. Roberto Goldar: Tu huella qye me enamora, huella, SAB ac. Fernando Polonuer: Volver, tango, SAB ac. Parte B/Obras para coro mixta a tres (sic, cuatro) voces. Juan Pablo Vercesi: Nocturno I, satb ac. Camilo Matta: Vidala don relaciones, vidala, mixed choir, percussion (caja & bombo). Marceloi Valva: Coplerío de ausencia, SATB div ac. Roberto Goldar: De silencios, triunfo, SMATBarB ac. Edgar Moya Godoy: Linde espiral, SSAATTBB. Roilando Budini: La renosa, cueca norteña, SATB ac. Santiago Búcar: Si llega a ser tucumana, zamba, SATB ac. Alicia Ferrari: Ojos negros, tango, SATB ac. GCC.ADICORA - not entered into index
543 Aguiar, Ernani, et al, eds. Música colonial latinoamericana. América Cantat III. Caracas, VEN: Fundación Schola Cantorum de Caracas, 2000 Anthology used to teach a course on Colonial music in Brazil and Mexico at the festival América Cantat III; contains one mass by a Brazilian and seven short villancicos and motets by four Mexicans. Brazil. José Joaquím Emeríco Lobo de Mesquita: Missa II em Fa maior, mixed choir. Don Hernando Franco: Dos Motetes a Santa María (Sancta María, SSATB, 3p; Dios itlaçonantzine, SATB, solo S, 4p). Gaspar Fernandes: Gineo a 5 [Eso rigor e repente], SAATB, 12p; Xicochi conetzintle, SATTB, 5p. Attr. Gaspar Fernandes: Motete para la entrada del virrey: Elegit eum Dominum: SSATB, 10p. Manuel de Sumaya: Lauda Jerusalem, SATB/SA, solos TB, 23p. Juan de Lienas, Salve a 4, 14p. Contact the publisher for more information. SCC.MCL
544 Aguilar, María del Carmen, arr. and ed. 12 Canciónes populares americanas para coros mixtos principiantes, 4 vols. RicAmer (owned by Melos), #BA 13382-13385, 1987 Arrangements for 4 mixed voices; each vol 12-16p. V1. Traditional, Argentina: Te’i e querer, vidala. Chango Rodriguez: Vidala de la copla, vidala chayera, Argentina. Traditional, Mexico: Naranjas y limas, villancico. V2.Miguel Brascó & Ariel Ramírez: Agya y sol del Paraná, song from Litoral, Argentina. Traditional Negro spiritual, USA: I want to be ready. Yradier: La paloma, habanera, Cuba. V3. Traditional sacred song, USA: Cumbahay. Hermero Manzi & Sebastián Piana: Milonga sentimental, milonga, Argentina. Homera Expósito & Héctor Stamponi: Azabache: Candombe, Argentina. V4. Jaime Dávalos & Eduardo Falú: Trago de sombra, zamba, Argentina. Traditional song, Colombia: Pobrecito corazón. Negro spiritual, USA: Down by the riverside. Available through web site . CA-CSUSM (CalStateUSanMarcos). Ag.12C#
545 Aguilar, María del Carmen, arr. and ed. Cinco Canciones folkloricas. María del Carmen Aguilar, 2007, 2nd printing. Five pieces of music for 4 mixed voices; 20p. Traditional: El niño Dios ha nacido, huayno, Argentina. Arturo Dávalos: No llores más, vidala, Argentina. J. Dávalos & E. Cabeza: La trasnochada, chacarera tunca, Argentina. C. Montbrun Ocampo & H. Videla Flores: El buen remedio, gato, Argentina. Traditional Bolivian: El imán de tus ojos, huayno. Available through web site . ISBM 978-987-43-1635-6. Ag.12C#
546 Alarcón Díaz, Víctor, ed. Composiciones corales chilenas, v1: SATB. Chile: Ministerio de Educación, & Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor, 1999 Eleven pieces of sacred and secular music, principally sung in Sp. Cirilo Vila: Tres canciones corales, text F. García Lorca. Carlos Zamora: Tenebrae facte sunt, text San Mateo y G. Mistral. Gustavo Becerra: Cinco canciones sobre textos de Andrés Sabella. Silvia Soublette: Tres canciones sobre sonetos de Pablo Neruda; Balada, texto Gabriela Mistral; Villancico, text Carmen Valle. Eduardo Gajardo: Tonadas. Arr Violeta Parra: Alejandro Pino, Gracias a la vida. Arr. Victor Jara, Mario Cánovas: Te recuerdo Amanda. Mario Cánovas: Rocío, text Gabriela Mistral. Eduardo Carrasco, arr. Jorge Sharp: La vida total, text Patricio Manns. Gustavo Becerra: La cueca larga, text Nicanor Parra. 120p. CA-CUY; DC-DLC. Chile-DIBAM. Vi.CCC1 - not entered in index
547 Alfagüell, Mario [b 1948], and Fernando Centeno Güell [composer]. Música poética costarricense. Biblioteca EFA de ayuda didáctica, 2. Biblioteca EFA de ayuda didáctica, Formato B, 1. Editorial Fernández Arce (San José), for Música de la Comisión Costarricense de Cooperación con la UNESCO. 1993 Partsongs, monologues with instrumental ensemble music, and waltzes; aleatory music. Canciones poéticas y populares oara Mario José, op52; 2 equal voices. Seis estudios interválicos para Irene, op53, 3 equal parts (flauto dulce and/or voices or other instruments). Ocho estudios interválicos para Carmen Ma, op54, three equal parts (flauto dulce and/or voices or other instruments). Motete, op58, 3 men’s voices ac. Cinco estructuras de temporal, op58a, male narrator, female narrator, flute, clarinet in C, and piano. Siete valses corrientes, op17, piano. Ofertorio, op8a, three voices ac. Diálogo guerrero místico, op15, 2 guitars played with bows, voice, & percission. Móvil I. Móvil II. Manuscript facsimiles, scores; instructions for exercizes to foster creativity; preface & biographical information; 137p. 15 holdings: DC-DLC; KS-KKU; LA-Tulane; MA-Boston U; MI-Hathi Trust Digital Library; MN-St Olaf; NY-NYP; TX-IXA. MB-Brandon U; NB-Mount Allison U. CR.MPC not in indexes
548 Almenar de Arreaza, Josefa Victoria. Canciónes venezolanas. Madrid: Almenar de Arreaza, 1964 Two choral pieces accompanied by piano and/or strings, three for vl & pf piece,; songs for pf and voice, 1pf piece, 1 fl & pf piece, 1 piece for med voice, fl or vl and pf. Choral works: Ecos del Alma, SATB div, pf & str, 10p; O salutaris, 1-3vv & pf, 1p. 43p. TX-IXA; Spain, BibNacMadrid. Al.CV.
549 Alvarado, María Adela, and José Mena, eds. Corps de música bailable caribeña. América Cantat III. Caracas: FSCC, 2000 Anthology edited and used by Profs. María Adela Alvarado and José Mena to teach a course in Caribbean dance styles at the América Cantat III festival; 8 arrangements in Sp. in Caribbean dance rhythms for unaccompanied SATB by 8 composers; 50p. Ilan Chester, arr Oacar Galián: A pasarla bien, 10p. Johnny Ortíz, arr Antonio Grilli: Catalina la o, with solo A, 6p. José "Cheo" Feliciano, arr Oscar Galián: El raton, div with solo T, 11p. Arr Kodiak Agüero: Feliciana, 6p. Henry Martínez, arr José Mena & Kodiak Agüero: Flora, 5p. Rosendo Ruiz, arr Maria Adela Alvarado: Los marcianos, 3p. Simón Bernier, arr María Adela Alvarado & Amanda Soriano: Poinciana, 6p. Luíz Antônio & Jota Júnior, arr Marcos Leite: Lata d'água, 3p. SCC.MBC
550 Anaya Arze, Franklin. Obras corales y arreglos corales de música tradicional boliviana. Colección Compositores bolivianos, 5. Madrid: Editorial Música Mundana, 1997? Traditional music of Bolivia, arranged or composed for choirs; 71p; port.; errata sheet. Titles: Mi llamita; Dos palomitas; Ulalat'ikita; Amapolita; Cotoca; Pollerita; El regalo; Canción de cuna I; Canción de cuna II; Canción del radio-aficianado; Burrakhaty amador; Wayra; Takipayanaku; Juana Azurduy de Padilla; Jesukristo khuyakuway. Traditional music of Bolivia, arranged or composed for 2-4 part choirs with chiefly Spanish words, and some Quechua; in part with piano accompaniment; 71p; port., illus.; errata sheet. 5 OCLC holdings: DC-DCU; NY-COO; OK-OKU. Biblioteca Nacional de España. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
551 Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945. Ensaio sobre música brasileira. São Paulo: I. Chiarato, 1928 Part l., [3]-94 p., 1 l. illus.(music). Part 2, "Exposição de melodias populares," contains a collection of folk-songs with unaccompanied melodies. No choral music. IL- [ML232 .A68 E3] INU. An.ESMB
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