Latin American Choral Music


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Recording Companies

wdt_ID Company Street City, State Country Zip Phone Info
1 Seminários de Música Pró-Arte R. Alice, 462 Laranjeiras 22241-020 - Rio de Janeiro RJ BRAZIL
2 Pró-Música de Juiz de Forza Av. Rio Branco, 2.329 Centro 36010-011 - Juiz de Fora MG BRAZIL 1992
3 Orpheus C.P. 4063 20001-970 Rio de Janeiro RJ BRAZIL
4 Melopea Discos Mariano Acha 3037 C1430 DVI, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Argentina 54-11-4541-6156; fax same or address: Jean Jaures 444 (1215), Buenos Aires)
5 Fundação Cultural de Curitiba / Estudio Vox Vagans Praça Garibaldi 7 80410-250 Curitiba PR BRAZIL
6 Claves Records Trüelveg 14 3600 Thun SWITZERLAND active 1995
7 Ambiente Music Productions, Inc. Los Angeles, CA USA head is Philip Sonnichsen, interested in Mexican music
8 Angel: a c/ Emi-Odeon, Indústrias Elétricas e Musicais Av. Rio Brancao, 277,4.o andar 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Brazil Also Odéon; part of the EMI Group; a discography is available at .
9 Qualiton Imports, Ltd. 24-02 40th Avenue Long Island City, NY USA 11101
10 ASC-Academia Santa Cecília de Discos, Ltda Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL
11 Capital Records USA part of Universal Music Group
12 CBD-Companhia Brasileira de Discos (Phonogram) Av. Rio Branco, 311, 4.o andar 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) BRAZIL
13 CBS-Discos, Indústria e Comércio Av. Rio Branco, 277, 4.o andar 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) BRAZIL
14 Chantecler (Gravações Cantecler Ltda.) Rua Aurora, 974 01-209 São Paulo (SP) BRAZIL
15 Clio Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL releases 1985-
16 Colón Discos S.R.L. Treinta Tres Orientales 955/57 1236 Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
17 Columbia - CBA - Gravaões Av. Visconde do Rio Branco, 53 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) BRAZIL
18 Continental (Gravadora Continental) Rua Pedro Lessa, 35, 7.o andar 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) BRAZIL Not the same as the company in New York. Labels: Continental (1943), Chantecler (1958), Phonodisc, Musicolor, and Gravasom. Alternate location: São Paulo, Brazil.
19 Disques du Solstice 147, rue de Bercy 75012 Paris - (1) 345.64.81 FRANCE Classical music label.
20 Eldorado Latin American Center, University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, California USA 90024 213-825-4572 There may be no way to obtain the LPs made by this company.
21 Fermata do Brasil Ltda. Rua do Triunfo, 177 São Paulo (SP) BRAZIL Parent company Fermata Indústria Fonográfica Ltda.
22 Festa: a c/ CBD - Phonogram Av. Rio Branco, 311, 4.o andar 20.000 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) BRAZIL 1969, lp
23 Fonobrás, Luxo series Gabinal 1521, Parte, Freguesia Jacarepagua Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL LPC-011 (works by Luigi Irlandini)
24 Heller's Records & Tapes Kensington Ave. Philadelpia, PA USA
25 Joe Thomas Records Moscu 44-4 Guadalajara, Mexico MEXICO LA Mex
Company City, State Country Info